Helferich Patent Licensing, LLC (HPL) was founded in 2007 by Leonard I. Palevsky for the purpose of commercializing, licensing, and enforcing the mobile wireless technology invented by Richard J. Helferich. HPL acquired an exlcusive license to the worldwide portfolio of patents invented by Mr. Helferich.  HPL, in turn, hired The Law Offices of Steven G. Lisa, Ltd. to aid it in its licensing and lead its enforcement efforts.  Additionally, HPL will be developing new products and services based on its patented technology. 

Richard J. Helferich is the sole inventor of all of the patents in the HPL patent portfolio and has over 30 years of experience in the development of innovative products and services for the wireless communications industry.  He is a prolific inventor in the field, and his patents have formed the basis of several companies.

In 1999, Mr. Helferich and his business partner, Martin A. Schwartz founded Wireless2Web to develop, market, and provide advanced mobile, wireless, and internet solutions for the messaging and entertainment industries. Mr. Helferich and Mr. Schwartz also founded a sister company, Wireless Science, LLC, to develop, manage, and license Mr. Helferich’s many inventions.  Wireless2Web developed and grew its businesses in competition with major technology companies (and, at one point, had more than thirty-five thousand subscribers).